A Good News About East Lux

Time: 2020-06-10 Source:EastLux

East Lux- 545W 9BB Mono Solar Panels Sail on

A full 40HQ container of 535W Ultra high efficiency Mono Solar Panel, East Lux manufactured, is ready for shipment, end destination Europe!

As one of the earliest company in PV industry in China, East lux keep challenging ourselves for more developed technology to deliver the highest efficiency. In 2020, we gladly to roll out the breakthrough series with up to 535W high power output and 20.78% efficiency. It is designed to be the best performed of its kind on the market and brings more considerable benefits:

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Ultra-high Power output:

Maximum power output can be increased by 15% comparing with the standard module, while solar cells with same efficiency are used.

Hot-spot immunity:

Excellent hot-spot immunity avoids the power loss caused by shadow coverage effectively. Significant improvement in life span as well. 

Durability and reliability enhancements:

Microcrack FREE, easy installation, power generating capacity is more secured.


Saving in BOS and labor cost.


12 years product warranty/ 25 years linear power warranty.   

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East Lux’s achievements are much more than this. Welcome to visit products category to check out a full range of solar panels we’re supplying. Meanwhile, with full experience in PV industry, cutting-edge technology& know-how, and strictly quality control system, we will bring more possibilities for PV industry. Let’s make the sun shine in every home. Stay tuned…

A great news is that EAST LUX Ultra-high efficient solar panels are in regular production now.  These panels adopt our unique technology. Could reach 545W with size 2*1m. The module efficiency could reach 21.08%. This is at high end overall the market.  The most exciting thing is that these panels are in promotion stage. So the price is the most competitive.