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Close Partnership

Close Partnership

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Our mission--East Lux are aiming to bring Low carbon life to everybody and bring green energy to every corner.Always keep this belief in heart,East Lux insists on supporting distributors lauches a series of promotion campaigns.
Good after sales service--All of East Lux products are cover by insurance. When there's any quality feedback, East Lux will come back to our customers within 24 hours.  We offer the fastest solution to cut customers' loss in time. 
Make our distributors competitive--East Lux support the most competitive price and incentive bonuses to help our clients to develope the market.Highly control the production costs to make the most favourable profits to distributors.We devote to make the largest value of East Lux brand. All in all,East Lux will always behind you and be your stable backup and partner!

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