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Eastlux's first half summary

Eastlux's first half summary of 2020

5 benefits of using solar panels

1. Solar panels use the sunlight to generate the electricity,it is inexhaustible. Solar panels are devices that directly or indirectly convert the solar radiation energy into the electrical energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect by absorbing sunlight. The main material of most solar panels is "silicon". Solar panels are green products that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Before mankind developed civilization, sunlight had been shining on the earth. Because it was the most reliable and humans began to rely on solar energy for lighting and heat. Since solar energy is continuously available every day, in recent years, photovoltaic solar charging panels have grown fastest and fastest among all renewable energy sources. 2. Solar panels are good for the ecological environment Solar panels, the use of solar energy conversion will not pose a threat to life and to the environment and it is very beneficial to the survival of coral reefs. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are highly polluted because they release chemicals and harmful elements into the atmosphere during mining, drilling, or transportation. The oil spill of the cruise ship Valdez and the explosion of the BP drilling platform "Deepwater Horizon" are just two of the many ecological disasters that have been badly reported. These oil spills can pollute the environment, reduce wildlife populations, and severely damage local fisheries and tourism. Solar panels are made of the most common crystalline silicon in silica sand. Although some chemicals are used to clean the semiconductor surface of the system during manufacturing, leading manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry strictly follow environmental regulations and follow industry waste disposal regulations to ensure that they do not cause continuous damage to workers ’health and to the ecological environment. Solar charging panels can be adjusted according to the environment so as to reduce the impact on land use Solar panel components can be installed on the roof, and large-scale projects such as photovoltaic power plants are usually located in low-grade land or brown land and abandoned mine land. 3. Solar panels can mitigate the climate change As we know, solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity and do not need to release or absorb heat. Other conventional energy sources will release a large amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. The absorption of heat in the atmosphere will lead to an increase in surface temperature and accelerate the greenhouse effect. Since the Industrial Revolution, these renewable energy sources have caused unprecedented global climate change, including drought, wildfires, storms, hurricanes and floods. In contrast, solar panels that use sunlight do not release any harmful gases by providing electricity, because the fuel source is sunlight. During the production of solar cells and the transportation of materials, the production process is strictly controlled. This is only a small amount of emissions. Using solar panels to charge the electric vehicles is ideal for preventing pollution. Some solar panel photovoltaic modules use solar energy and high-efficiency energy systems in manufacturing, which can further reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing stage. 4. Solar panels will not cause water problems Water is a basic need to human, and water resources are scarce and precious in many arid and unrest areas. Solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity without causing water problems. According to the UN Water Mechanism, agriculture requires the most water worldwide. Biofuels are called clean fuels by some people. They consume a lot of water resources during irrigation and raw material processing. In some cases, they cause conflicts over land use and water use. Hydropower stations are also called clean power sources and are widely used as renewable energy sources. However, homes and villages are often destroyed or relocated due to dam projects. River systems have been altered, affecting wildlife habitats and freshwater ecosystems. 5. The solar panel is as quiet as the sun and does not produce noise Although wind turbines excel in power supply, but they generate a lot of noise during operation. Residents living near wind power plants respond strongly to high levels of noise, and many people cannot adapt even after a long time. Photovoltaic modules of solar panels will not be considered a nuisance because there are no moving parts to produce friction and sound. This is about the benefits of 5 solar energy. If you want to know more, you can continue to browse other content of our website We will reply you in time.

Principles of solar power generation

Principles of solar power generation

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