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60 Cells 300W-320W Mono PERC Solar Panel
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60 Cells 300W-320W Mono PERC Solar Panel

∙Mono-PERC Technology ∙300W~320W-60 full cell ∙19.55 % efficiency -100% full EL test -Outstanding performance -Increase light absorption -Reduce power loss -PID Resistant
Product description


Module EL300-320MS-60(5BB)
Cell Type Mono PERC 156×156mm (6 inch)
No of cells 60 (6×10)
Dimensions 1650×992×35mm (65.00×39.05×1.37 inch)
Maximum Power(Pmax) 300W-320W
Module Efficiency STC(%) 18.33%-19.55%
Junction Box IP67 Rated
Weight 19.0 kg (41.9 lbs)


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