Solar Module

More Power, More Savings! Backed by German enginering, East Lux Energy provide a wide line of high performing solar module with the highest power per dollar for simlar range of competiton in the market. Houseonwers, builders, business& goverments. All will get the most practical, affordable solar module solution, customized to the specific needs.

Neptune Line N-TOPCon

East Lux N-TOPCon solar module have excellent performance in terms of conversion efficiency, attenuation, temperature coefficient, etc. The power range of each version of the module covers from 410W to 630W, which can perfectly match the mainstream system design and mature low-cost transportation solutions.

Neptune Line N-HJT

East lux energy develop the most innovative HJT( Heterojunction)technology for a superior high efficiency solar panels. The HJT technology impresses with serveral advantages compared to current cell technologies. Designed with natural bifacial-symmetrical structure, it comes with 95% bifaciality, more power generation, more durable and guarantees throughout the lifetime of the panels.

Mars Line P Type

East Lux Mars 5 and Mars 6 flagship seriers- built with Tier 1 Longi 182mm/M10 210mm/G12 solar cells and German engineering design, delivering up to 22.0% efficiency and available from 405 to 670 watt panels. Optimized multiple sizes and colors ( silver, black frame, all black) for residential, commercial, large scale power plant etc.