Solar Module

East Lux Energy| Solar Panel Portfolio 1. Mono high performing bifacial/ black solar panels for residential, commercial and utility from 300w-600W. 2. Flexible solar panel for BIPV- adhesive, portable, installation friendly 3. Outdoor foldable solar panels.

Mars X Solar Module

East Lux Mars X solar modules utilize the most innovative and patented interconnection technology, maximizing the efficiency and reliability. Multiple sizes available for residential, commercial& industrial, large-scale power station etc installation.

Mars M5 Solar Module

Bifacial series combines high efficiency bifacial solar cells with proven half-cut technology, including optional G+G( double glass) and GB( glass with transparent back sheet) solutions. Both yields up to 30% more energy from rear side power generation, significantly reducing the cost of BoS and LCOE.

Mars M3 Solar Module

One of the most state-of-the-art panels! The advantage of Full-black panels is that metal grid-lines are generally not visible on the surface, which makes them easier to visually integrate into roofs. With their full black appearance, the panels can also be used to meet particular architectural requirements, which make it become the best choice for residential PV projects.