DG or TB bafacial solar panel?

Time: 2017-12-10 Source:小编

Dual Glass Bifacial or Glass with Transparent Backsheet Bifacial Solar Panel, which is your option? 

The Bi-facial solar module has become a major topic this year.  According to BloombergNEF, the market share predicts to 15%-21%. It is really encouraging and promising.

The Bi-facial solar module(图1)
At East Lux Energy, we offer two types of Bi-facial module:

A: Dual Glass Bi-facial
B: Transparent back sheet Bi-facial.

It is obvious that both types generate power by double sides, and gain more energy up to 25%. The transparent back sheet module, as new breaking technology, make up the disadvantage of higher weight and lower crack risk under careless installation, keeping the same weight as normal modules. 

It now seems become preferred option for many of our clients. 
While, no matter which type you would like to choose, do hesitate to contact us.