what is a solar backpack?

Time: 2018-01-23 Source:EastLux

A device that absorbs sunlight and converts solar radiation directly or indirectly into electricity through photovoltaic or photochemical effects.what is a solar backpack?(图1)

Solar backpack consists of a bendable monocrystalline solar panel, battery, charging controller, plug, and power cord.

Generally we use it for outdoor sports, such as mountain climbing, hiking and running, or short-term travel, to power small electronic mobile devices.

There are various backpack styles on the market for you to choose from. The fabric materials and designs used are very different.

Backpack materials, design and battery board materials lead to different quality, sense of experience and conversion rate of the battery users.

With the continuous updating of solar backpacks, we are constantly making our products better.

We have professional R&D department dedicated to developing the backpack with the highest conversion rate and the most comfortable experience.

We use PERC solar cells and solar cells to improve the convertion efficiency of photovoltaics, and the materials are the best quality nylon or polyester.

Advantages of our solar backpacks:

    1.The solar backpack is lightweight and therefore easy to carry.

    2.Solar backpacks provide green energy to the environment.

    3.sunpower solar panels are lightweight, portable and waterproof.

The most important thing is that we support customization, welcome to contact us