How to determine if the roof of your home is suitable for installing a photovoltaic power generation

Time: 2018-12-19 Source:EastLux

Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity.How to determine if the roof of your home is suitable for installing a photovoltaic power generation(图1)

Residential photovoltaic system in the form of photovoltaic roof can meet the household daily electricity needs, Equiped with backup batteries, photovoltaic system can continue to supply the load in case of power failure.In recent years, with the development of photovoltaic power generation technology and the reduction of installation cost, photovoltaic power generation system has become more and more popular.Especially when you're looking for solutions to save electricity bills, it is a good way to install solar panels on your roof to generate electricity.Once you installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of your home, you can use electricity for free from the sun for decades and environmental friendly.

But before installation, there are many issues that must be identified to ensure that the PV system is feasible.

This is a very important question that you must consider. The roof on which you want to install a photovoltaic system must be as far as possible towards the sun.

In addition, obstacles such as trees, peaks and tall buildings block the amount of light that hits the solar panels.

Therefore, before installation, you must carefully consider, otherwise there is insufficient sunlight or blocked, which will affect the power generation of photovoltaic power plants.

Secondly, the roof needs to have enough area to install solar panels.

In fact, the amount of electricity that a photovoltaic system outputs depends largely on the area of the solar panels you installed.

Because you have to install a certain number of solar panels to make sure that your solar power system generate enough power.

Thirdly,it should be careful to buy high-quality solar panels.

A good quality solar panel can not only provide enough electricity, but also be used for a long time, cost effectively and environmentally friendly.

Poor-quality solar panels leads to a series of hazards, which can't tell from the appearance.
But in fact, unstable current and voltages may cause short circuits in the home or other more dangerous things.

So choose most competitvie solar panel,instead of cheap one.

The number of specific solar panels is calculated by professionals based on the actual situation of your house.

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