The Photovoltaic module clean

Time: 2020-07-16 Source:EastLux

The Photovoltaic power station suffers from the sun and rain, leading to a lot of dust. The Photovoltaic module clean(图1)

How to keep the Photovoltaic module clean and effective power generation became the customers' concern.

Do you know if you clean the Photovoltaic module in a wrong way, will damage solar panels even resulting in safety hazard.

Now we share the steps for cleaning the Photovoltaic module.

1. Observe and analyze the contamination level of components: If only dust, just neet to brush the dust. It saves costs and increases service life. 

2. Select the right time: Early morning, evening, night, rainy day


To avoid the shadow cause Photovoltaic array power generation loss
To avoid damaging the solar panels or glass by suddenly cold
To protect the cleaning staff

3. Cleaning
Use a cleaning tool such as a brush or rag to clean the sundries.
Brush the residue by clean water and the brush.

Here I list some ways for cleaning  Photovoltaic module:

a. Manual dry-cleaning of photovoltaic panels
Using the Long handle flannel mop with the special cleaning agent push and decontaminate the dust. This way if you not control your pressure on the solar panels, will deform the components, causing the solar cells cracked. Besides, the dust on the mop will leave mottled marks on the surface of the component, causing shadows.

b. Artificially washed photovoltaic panel
The urban sprinkler with water storage function, equipped with a pressure nozzle to flush the surface of the solar panel. Excessive water pressure causes cracks

c. Intelligent cleaning robot
Efficient cleaning. The robot is sometimes caught by the photovoltaic frame installed unevenly. The robot cannot come back to its normal position and difficult to find where is it.

Different way of cleaning, the cost are different. You can choose the way according to the situation of your photovoltaic power station.