182mm components will become the mainstream choice!

Time: 2021-01-20 Source:EastLux

182mm modules will become the mainstream choice of photovoltaic market

With the advent of the era of photovoltaic full parity, how to maximize the reduction of power cost has become the focus of the photovoltaic industry. To a certain extent, increasing the size of modules to improve power generation and reduce power cost has become the consensus of the industry.The photovoltaic industry agreed that 182mm modules are expected to win a larger market.

182mm components with higher reliability

Hot spot or scorch mark, cell chip cracking (including "snail" pattern), wrinkle, fading and so on are the main factors affecting the photovoltaic module. Under the premise of cost reduction and power increase, how to "Lightning protection" the 182mm components to ensure their own reliability?Photovoltaic experts said: "182mm modules IEC strict reliability test, good data, can realize the stable and normal operation of the whole power plant warranty period, to ensure the yield of the power plant."

Power plant system has high requirements for power quality assurance of components. Excellent components can effectively ensure long-term stable power generation performance. The leading power quality assurance of 182mm components greatly meets the needs of customers.

Compared with 210mm modules, 182mm modules can reduce the loss of power generation to a great extent, including the reduction of line loss and the decrease of power generation caused by working temperature. Relevant experts believe that the reverse current control will have a great impact on the hot spot temperature of components, so strict quality control is also an effective guarantee for the long-term excellent reliability of 182mm components.

From the perspective of mechanical load, hot spot, and working temperature, the 182mm component is a product with the ultra-long life cycle.

East Lux energy has Launched a new series of solar panels with 182mm wafer, the maximum power up to 590W. We’re thrilled to see the explosion of market.

 182 components will become the mainstream choice182 components will become the mainstream choice! 

(East Lux 182 solar module)


182mm components have better delivery guarantee

In today's market, large-size high-power components mainly include 182mm components and 210mm components. Compared with the former, the former has higher economy. 182mm components have been proven to be very reliable in terms of the size of the components installed and the adaptability of the workers during the installation process.The change of component size will increase the risk of hidden crack and damage in the process of transshipment; in the case of vertical packing transshipment, it will also increase the risk of collapse after unpacking. In terms of transportation, 182mm components strictly abide by the key boundary conditions of container door height.

In the early stage of producing 182mm components, various enterprises have unified the width of 182mm components to about 1130 mm. After repeated verification of component reliability and transportation reliability, a large number of products can be shipped and transported completely.

In addition, according to the industry data, 182mm components have higher container utilization rate than 158mm / 166mm components. Each container can load 10-20% more on average, and the relative capacity has increased by more than 15%. For the installation of 182mm components, the uniform size and weight of components adopted by many enterprises in the industry make the whole installation process accessible by only two workers

182mm components have become the optimal solution for low power cost

The 182mm components, which have gradually achieved mass production, have become the low-cost optimization scheme in the market through the advantages of high reliability, high production efficiency, the perfect matching supply of auxiliary materials, and high power generation.

First of all, reducing the power loss caused by line loss and operating temperature reflects the advantages of 182mm components in cost reduction. "182mm modules can reduce the line loss by 0.21% compared with 210mm modules, which will have a great impact on the whole power station. It can increase IRR by 0.15% and decrease lcoe by 0.21%. The operating temperature of 210mm module is 6 degrees higher than that of 182mm module, resulting in a power loss of nearly 2%, which needs to be compensated by the EPC cost of 0.01548$ / watt.

Secondly, in the cost of BOS, the support cost accounts for about 19% of the total EPC cost, leading to the change of support cost will have a great impact on Bos. In terms of tracking the cost of stent, the maximum stent length designed by current mainstream stent manufacturers is about 100 meters. 182mm component can connect three strings on each support and reach 96 meters, while 210mm component can not reach this length, which is not used to track the maximum length limit that the support design can bear. Therefore, 182mm component can reduce about 0.002322$ / W in support control system compared with 210mm component in support cost.

In addition, in terms of labor costs and transportation costs, 182mm components also have obvious advantages. The labor cost is divided into three parts, which are support installation cost, trenching and field leveling cost.It is estimated that the manual installation cost of 182mm modules and 210mm modules is in 120mW project, and the cost difference of DC side in these three modules is about 140000 US dollars. In terms of transportation, compared with 158mm / 166mm components, 182mm components have higher loading wattage and utilization rate per container, and the average wattage of a single container can be increased by 10% - 20%.