2021 photovoltaic power plants enter every family!

Time: 2021-02-02 Source:EastLux

At the beginning of 2021, the epidemic situation in various places has not dissipated, and some people may have to stay at home for some time due to the epidemic and cannot go out to work. And staying at home without financial resources must be very anxious.

But there are such a group of people, because there is a "generation bank" on the roof, they don't have to worry about staying at home.


On sunny days, the “generation bank” can generate electricity steadily and continuously. Not only can the generated electricity be used for free at home, the excess electricity can also be connected to the grid and sold directly, and there is money to sell electricity every month.

These people with "power generation banks" on the roofs still have a steady sunny income at home, which is really enviable!

You want to ask what is this "generation bank"? That is it-home photovoltaic power station.


Why is it the most suitable to install photovoltaic power plants in 2021(图1)

The rate of return of household photovoltaic power plants exceeds 10%


The biggest advantage of photovoltaic power plants is that they can make money. They can be installed where there is the sun, and the yield of installing photovoltaic power plants can reach more than 10%. Especially in areas with better ground conditions, the yield of photovoltaic power generation can reach 16%. .

In Vermont, if you install a 10-kilowatt photovoltaic power station, it costs 6,000 US dollars to generate 12,500 kWh per year, and the annual return rate can reach 17.02%. It only takes 4.8 years to recover the cost at the fastest.

The high output has attracted many people vying to install photovoltaic power plants. The news that photovoltaic power generation can make money has spread, and people have installed photovoltaic power plants on the roof.

In recent years, the installation cost of photovoltaic power generation has also been directly declining. Installing photovoltaic power in 2021 has become a steady investment. According to authoritative data: during the ten years from 2009 to 2019, the cost of photovoltaic kilowatt-hours fell by about 89%. In 2019, the average cost per kilowatt-hour has dropped to 40 cents/kWh. Photovoltaic power is already one of the lowest-cost power sources of all types.


The benefits of installing a power station are not just a little bit 

Green environmental protection, pollution-free, stable income, beautiful appearance, heat insulation... the benefits of photovoltaic power plants are far more than these, especially in rural areas, where photovoltaic power plants are installed on idle roofs. As long as there are sunny days, the power plants are generating money, Even if you don’t go out at home, you can earn stable pocket money, which can be said to be very cost-effective. 

Moreover, the service life of photovoltaic power plants is as long as 25-30 years, which is longer than the service life of refrigerators and air conditioners in general homes, and the benefits it brings are definitely more than you think.


Options for stable income in 2021


The income of photovoltaic power plants is very stable. Why is it stable?

First of all, photovoltaic power plants have been generating power stably for more than 25 years. It has been reported that photovoltaic power plants have continued to generate electricity for 32 years. It can be seen how unreliable the rumors that photovoltaic panels are broken after a few years of use.

Secondly, as long as the power station is generating electricity, the home can use electricity for free during the day, and the unused ones are directly integrated into the national grid for sale. The national grid now encourages the integration of distributed photovoltaics into the grid, and monthly national subsidies and income from electricity sales are settled in time. Settle the money into the bank card. 

In 2021, facing major changes that have not been seen in a century at home and abroad, the most important thing is to have money in the hands, or assets that continuously create money.  There is a set of photovoltaic power stations at home, and the power station on the roof can generate stable power generation, which can stably generate a profit from the power station, and save thousands of yuan in electricity bills at home, so that I can live comfortably and at ease.