Why this is the most cost-effective photovoltaic module?

Time: 2021-03-04 Source:EastLux

In recent years, the rapid development of photovoltaic technology, a wide range of applications, the market from the original focus on high power, increasingly changed to a combination of high power, high power generation under any installation conditions, low attenuation and low cost of the comprehensive requirements, thereby further reducing the cost of electricity....

ThisEL455w is undoubtedly a high-efficiency product for large-scale mass production and cost-effective performance, and is a solution that meets both cost and power generation and attenuation performance.

Our products through the half-chip battery technology to the standard size of the battery chip laser cut into two pieces, the cutting and connecting technology. The entire component's battery pack is then divided into two groups, each containing 72 half-cells connected in series. Form a complete 144-piece component, which can be reduced by about 1/2 of the current per main gate, and the internal loss can be reduced by about 1/4 of the entire battery, thereby increasing the power of the component.


The technology of this product has the following characteristics: the same efficiency of the half-piece photovoltaic module than the conventional whole-chip component output power is significantly improved. This is mainly due to the reduction of the series resistance of the half-piece components, while the components are reduced by the internal resistance, making their power generation work at a lower temperature than conventional components, further improving the power generation capacity of the components.

Second, the single crystal 455w half-piece component can reduce the power loss caused by blocking, can significantly improve the power generation capacity of the component in the morning and evening along the ash and snow, and improve the economic efficiency of the power station.

Third, compared with other new technologies, semi-piece technology is mature and easy to achieve rapid large-scale mass production, while the additional costs are small.

Fourth, our materials and equipment process is absolutely the peak, 12 years product warranty, 25 years product power guarantee, 25 years after the power is higher than 84.8%! !


Why this is the most cost-effective photovoltaic module?(图1)

The EastLux 455w battery assembly has the following characteristics:

1, the battery sheet is divided into two, the main gate current is halved, the current loss of the entire component is reduced to about 1/4 of the original output power than the same version of the whole battery assembly about 5-10W higher;

2, half-chip battery components of the hot spot temperature than the same version of the whole battery components

     The temperature is about 25 degrees C, which can effectively reduce the thermal spot effect of the component.

3, half-chip battery components to meet the 1500V system voltage design requirements, can reduce the cost of the system side of about 10%;

4, when there is ash and snow on the lower edge, effectively reduce the blocking

    loss of power generation;

5, reduce the first year and the average phototensive attenuation

6, the efficiency of up to 20.60% at the same time, we have a 12-year product warranty, 25-year product power guarantee, 25 years after the power is higher than 84.8%.