What is the Bifacial solar panel?

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What is the Bifacial solar panel?(图1)

With the expansion of the solar industry, more and more people are considering installing solar systems for home use. Although traditional solar systems mature enough to offset the energy expenditures of most homes, users still expect more effective solar modules. With strong market demand, Bifacial solar panels have begun to enter the market. The Bifacial solar panels have many excellent advantages compared to the traditional solar panels. Next, we will explain the working principle and installation process of the bifacial solar panels.

How do the Bifacial solar panels work?

We all know that after installing a normal solar panel on the roof, it can absorb sunlight on the side facing the sun. However, the Bifacial solar module is a device that can simultaneously absorb solar energy on both sides of the solar panel. When the Bifacial solar module is mounted on a high reflection roof or ground, the power capacity of the solar panel can be increased by nearly 30%. The design of the double-sided solar module is very diverse. Some modules have borders, some are not. In addition, some people may use double-layer glasses, while others are completely transparent. Most of the Bifacial solar modules on the market use single crystal solar cells because the manufacturing process of the battery is relatively simple, which can match the Bifacial solar module.

How to install Bifacial solar panels?

The installation of the bifacial solar panel is usually dependent on its type. A bifacial solar panel having a frame is most easily installed because the panel is designed according to the conventional solar panel and photovoltaic support system, which is fully compatible with the solar system. If you purchase solar panels from a trusted solar manufacturer, these manufacturers usually provide professional tools to help you install bifacial solar panels to ensure that there is no problem during installation.

If your bifacial solar panel is not protected by frame protection, solar manufacturers often use a rubber shield to prevent the glass from being disconnected on the panel. At the same time, they will remind you not to randomly screw the bolts on the panel. Once the bolts are tight, the glass may also break.

Since the bifacial solar panel can absorb sunlight on both sides of the solar panel, the bifacial panel is inclined, the more power generated from its bifacial performance. This is why this good power generation effect can be produced on the top of the flat roof or ground. Place a flat place allows the panel to have more tilt spaces such that more sunshine can be reflected on the other side of the panel.

I think the improvement of the bifacial solar module is a major breakthrough in the solar energy industry. We believe this technology will be the future of the solar industry.

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