East lux New super Modules for Distribution Market

Time: 2021-04-01 Source:EastLux

East Lux Energy today announced the launch of new 440W High Efficient Module, the new module is 182mm, 60 HALF-Cell design, which provides the maximum power of 455W, with a super efficiency of 21%.Half battery technology is more durable, long service life.High Efficient Module: high power density resulting in significant BOS savings, high energy yield with better low light performance and lower temperature coefficient.


For the market, the size and weight design of each PV module is an important aspect of the customer. The size and weight of the new High Efficient Module is designed for the height and arm length of the installer and the roof size, more user friendly. The new 440W module has a length of approximately 1.9 meters and a width of 1.1m. Therefore, the module can better meet market demand compared to the traditional module, which is convenient for manual processing and transportation.


This series offers the best 10-year product warranty and 25 years of linear warranty. By upgrading module materials and optimized process designs, new High Efficient Modules offer superior mechanical load safety and reliability. Excellent mechanical load performance makes the module for installation of high snow / wind load area. Since it improves dimensional design, higher module power and higher conversion efficiency, new 440W High Efficient Module series can provide customers with lower LCoE and various distributed scenarios, from industrial and commercial roofs Go to the residential demand. This module will meet the needs of most residential customers, small size, elegant appearance, will become the best photovoltaic module in the residential market.


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East lux New super Modules for Distribution Market