Top 4 Ways To Buy A Good Solar Panel

Time: 2018-10-29 Source:EastLux

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, renewable energy is becoming more and more important, and the development of solar cells is particularly rapid.

Solar panels, also known as solar chips, are optoelectronic semiconductor slices that use sunlight to directly generate electricity. They play a huge role in various fields of new energy and widely used in 
all kinds of photovoltaic products.

The quality of solar panel components are key to the energy efficiency.Top 4 Ways To Buy A Good Solar Panel (图1)

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers join in producing solar panels. Some inferior products might be mixed in, which is really not easy to fingure out.

Let us tell you how to find out a good solar panel:

1. Firstly, look at the front glass, where some solar panel manufacturers do not care much about it.

If the surface of the tempered glass is accidentally dripped with silica gel, it must be cleaned in time. otherwise, it will affect the power efficiency.

2. In order to save costs, many irregular manufacturers actually use broken battery cells to assemble to a seem-as complete battery cell. It is really risky.
In the very early stage, there may be no problems. yet since they are spliced together,they are easy to break down with time pass by, which finally will affect the entire battery panel. 
More worse, while the temperature is too high, which may cause fire and bring people in danger. 

3. Check out the back of the solar panel, where should be marked with technical specification, such as:  voltage, short circuit current, operating voltage, etc.,
 Secondly, depending on resistance to pressure, if bubbles, wrinkles etc defective take place after the pressure Traces, such solar panels are unqualified.

Last but not least, the junction box is a connector of the solar cell module. The main function is to output the electrical energy produced by the solar cell module through the cable.

A solid junction box is key to effiency. The cover of the junction box should be firmly and tightly attached,  while wire lock should be free to rotate and tighten.

When purchasing solar panels, East lux suggest you pay more attention to the above four tips. Additionally, you should choose according to the configuration you need, so that the quality of the selected solar panels is more guaranteed, safer and more reliable.