How to maintain solar panels?

Time: 2021-03-11 Source:EastLux

More and more homes are now installing solar panel systems. Solar panels usually have a 25-year warranty, but the solar company's warranty service is mainly for some major problems. Therefore, most of the daily maintenance work of solar panels is done by the owner. Owners of solar power systems basically have a common problem: how to maintain solar panels to ensure their long-term high efficiency? The following points are the daily maintenance work of solar panels, which can help you avoid detours.

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1. Schedule annual inspections

 Arranging an annual inspection of your solar system is a good way to prevent excessive aging of your solar panels. When you buy solar panels, your solar supplier will provide you with such annual inspection services. The technician will check the entire solar panel system and solve some problems for you.

2. Continuous monitoring of solar panels

By using the solar monitoring system, you can track various data about solar panels at any time. The monitoring system will immediately report system failure or damage to you. Once there is a problem with the solar panel, you can find someone to repair it as soon as possible. Therefore, the performance of solar panels will not be greatly affected.

3. Clean solar panels regularly

Weather conditions are one of the factors that affect the life of solar panels. If you live in an area where it often rains or snows in winter, this event can easily cause the aging of solar panels. Therefore, you need to clean the solar panels regularly. The best cleaning time is in the morning or at night, because the temperature both times is the lowest in the day. Low temperature will cool the tempered glass, so as not to damage the glass when it is washed with cold water. When preparing to clean them, be sure to turn off the solar panels and cut off the power to prevent electric shock.

Finally, I would like to ask whether solar panels are difficult to maintain? All in all, it is very easy to do the above points to maintain your solar panels. Just make sure to get a good warranty and good insurance, and there is no accumulation of dust and debris on the panel. In doing so, your panels will continue to operate at maximum efficiency, thereby bringing you clean, renewable solar energy in the coming years. Welcome to buy EastLux Solar panel, we can provide you with the most thoughtful maintenance service.