Before installing solar energy, what should we be concerned about?

Time: 2021-03-16 Source:EastLux

With the increasing popularity of solar technology, many consumers are trying to install solar panels. Some problems need to be considered before deciding whether to save energy using this technology.


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1.Calculate power efficiency

The installation capacity of solar panels depends on your usage. Therefore, energy calculation and efficiency should be performed before installation. You can check electricity bills to determine monthly and annual electricity needs. Therefore, you must take into account your power schedule.

2.Which solar energy is the most valuable?

There are two main solar technologies. One is photovoltaic technology, which uses an array of solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity. The other is thermal technique, which is heated to warm the air temperature for internal use. If your housing needs a lot of energy heating, you can better balance solar investment.

3.About roof

The current solar panels basically have a 25-year warranty. If you have the idea of renovating the roof in the next few years, please do not install the panels. Otherwise, you will not only have to spend money on the roof but also have to reinstall the panels. If your roof is covered most of the time, you may not have enough solar energy to use. If your roof is oriented in the correct direction and there is plenty of sunlight, you can try to install solar panels after making sure the structure of your house is intact.

4.Buy or rent?

Every family needs to weigh costs and benefits. You will spend a lot of money to buy solar photovoltaic systems and get rich returns. However, renting a solar system allows you to get cheaper electricity for less money, but the benefits are limited. Therefore, a problem should be clarified before installation: the panel can last for decades, but the service life of other electronic devices in the system (such as the power inverter) is very short. When budgeting costs, don’t forget to consider replacing other system components.

5.Is your solar supplier trustworthy?

You'd better choose a trustworthy company, otherwise, you can only hope that there will be no problems in the life cycle of the solar panel. Although solar photovoltaic modules have no active components and hardly require any special maintenance, if your supplier goes bankrupt during the warranty period, you will still encounter problems. As a long-established solar panel company (EastLux Solar) is worthy of your trust.